Modern Rustic Ebony Coffee Table

Modern Rustic Ebony Coffee Table


This modern-looking jet-black coffee table has features that still have a simple and rustic style. Natural checking in the wood is reinforced using an ancient old method called a butterfly key. This adds strength as well as beauty.  A polished metal rod joins the two end legs and goes through the middle leg. The metal symbolizes the changing of materials through the ages. Where wood was once the dominant resource, today steel has replaced it.

The wood is red oak and the ebony stain is a traditional old recipe using natural ingredients such as tree bark, white vinegar, and warm water. This mixture reacts with the natural tannin acids in the wood causing the rich, deep, dark black color.

This coffee table measures 60″ in length, 14″ wide, and 18″ tall. It’s an interesting piece that could be art but is also functional as furniture.


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